Staying alive

Anisima Cuznetov – 1G LICEO IIS Carlo Beretta Gardone Val Trompia

Nowadays, what we are experiencing is undoubtedly the strangest and slowest period we could ever imagine and that my generation could never remember.  I would have never said that hugging someone could be so complicated, that travelling around the world would have been difficult and at times dangerous, I would have never even said that.  I would  even have never said that the impossibility to embrace, travel and not be able to see each other would have contributed to make this spring the spring of our soul because I am sure  to give all the hugs that now we are waiting for , that “I miss you” or why not, also that “I love you” from now on we will never let it go.  In my opinion, the strongest hope, in addition to the hope of staying alive, is to embrace each other, to be able to give all those hugs that have been taken away from us. We trust in the doctors’ work every day and we always live with the hope of seeing our loved ones again and that no one will suddenly abandon us.