Stay at home and be safe

Davide Perillo – 3B1 IPSIA IISC Carlo Beretta Gardone Val Trompia

My quarantine routine hasn’t changed so much as before. In the morning I wake up at eight and I have breakfast alone or sometimes with my mom, because the rest of my family is sleeping, after breakfast I prepare the necessary for the lessons. After the lessons, I do my homework and help my sister cleaning the bedroom, when I have done those things, I have lunch with my family. In the afternoon I often play video games with my friends and cousins because I do all My homework in the morning. Sometimes I try to do some exercise to keep in shape before the opening of gyms, because I think it is very important to have a healthy life in this period. At night I watch movies and TV series, or sometimes I listen to some music, usually I listen American rap music, because I want to have a better English, so I’m trying to keep my mind busy with new things. Yes, I miss hanging out with my friends or going to see my girlfriend but also I hope that this quarantine will be over as soon as possible, and I understand the reason behind it. We must support each other in this difficult time for the world, trying to be as productive as possible, like doing something new, that we want to know, or maybe watching some documentary on internet to keep our mind busy even if complicated. I am sorry to see that some people don’t take the gravity of the situation seriously, giving support to all the doctors, hospitals and nurses who every day try hard to save lives. All this can be stopped if all of Us do His part, so stay at home and be safe, thank you.