Now my days are very monotonous

Lorenzo Mariotto – 3B1 IPSIA IISC Carlo Beretta Gardone Val Trompia

My life with covid 19 has changed drastically, before I used to go out with my friends, go around with them and have fun; now my days are very monotonous: I wake up in the morning, I do video lessons for school, I play online with my friends and finally I have a workout.

 I would  have never thought of such a catastrophe, to think that one unexpected day you can no longer see your friends and go out is unthinkable but it is to prevent this catastrophe it is better to stay at home and go out as little as possible because the less you go out the more likely this virus disappears. It’s a complicated and difficult moment in our life, humanity must support each other, together we will do it and everything will be fine.