Join more and more to the sofa

MICHELE DOSSENA – 5B IPSIA IISC Carlo Beretta Gardone Val Trompia

It’s hard to pick a few words to describe the situation we’re going through, but I’ll try.

In the first months of this year, we were invaded by a virus that affected the world population, causing over 2.5 million cases and nearly 200 thousand deaths.

Needless to say, the days have a drastic change; morning, afternoon and evening in the house without being able to do anything but join more and more to the sofa. I had never thought I’d have said this, but I miss the freedom, I miss the mountain and working in there, the bar and the normality, I miss spending time with my friends, with my girlfriend and seeing my soccher kids, I miss all those trivial things that you don’t value even for a second during the year, but it’s only when they are taken them away that we realize how valuable they really are.

I feel like a prisoner, it’s like the walls of my house become more and more like bars every day, where you can’t do anything, only wait for the end, but when it arrives we will be ready to celebrate, have fun and get back the normal with an extra awareness, give value to everything we have without neglecting anything.