I’m going crazy. Help me please!!!!

PEDRETTI MARCO – 4B IPSIA IISC Carlo Beretta Gardone Val Trompia

This is a difficult period, my daily life has changed a lot and i feel lost. Our freedom has been stolen for the common good and for our country. I consider freedom the most important thing that man has. The consequences are different according to the person facing the quarantine. I personally have problem sleeping at night and waking up in the morning for lesson I am very tired. In the afternoon I sleep a couple of hours, I’m training my body and my knee and, in the evening, I study and do my homework. At night I play the PlayStation because I can’t sleep. This situation is upsetting my daily hours of sleep and my body is affected. The days are all the same and repetitive, I need to return to the past, when I could see my friends have fun with them. My mind is in difficulty, I need to breath air and to talk with other people. I’m going crazy. Help me please!!!!