DI FREIO ASIA – 1G LICEO IIS Carlo Beretta Gardone Val Trompia

This situation has shocked everyone. Before all this, I went out almost every weekend with my friends, I didn’t appreciate what I had, Now, with what we are experiencing, I have learned that I must appreciate what life offers me. When we were free, we didn’t pay attention to the fundamental things that make up our daily lives as we consider them obvious. I sincerely miss the opportunity to make choices, the freedom to decide whether to stay at home or to go out. Lately to the usual question “HOW ARE YOU?” I always answer “WELL” even if it isn’t quite so. Sometimes I stop and think. I think maybe the time I saw my relatives was the last time. I hope it isn’t so. Finally, this quarantine is going well; I’m often sad because I miss relatives and friends so much and sometimes I’m worried because I’m afraid that all this could happen again in the future. In spite of everything, we must thank all the health workers who face the enemy on the front line, risking their lives.