“Great storm”

Betella Manuel – 3B1 IPSIA IISC Carlo Beretta Gardone Val Trompia

My life during quarantine has not changed much, I do not often leave home because I like quite places and I’m that kind of person who likes staying alone, so staying at home for me it isn’t really a big deal. My daily routine has become very simple, you wake up in the morning calmly, do video lessons, play videogame, do your homework, eat and then come back to sleep. A very simple quite routine that I always hoped for during a school year… A routine that I never thought I would hate. Even a lonely and quiet person like me starts missing my old days sometimes chaotic, but that made the days more coloruful,I miss the people around me even the people I generally dislike.

 The silence I’ve always appreciated, now does not give me tranquility but a feeling of desolation because it is an unnatural tranquility caused by a war still taking place during these months. The only sound you can  often hear are the sirens in the distance that sometimes get closer, a sound that every time I hear, for a few seconds my body gets crossed by a frosty chill. Right now I hope that the epidemic will go away as soon as possible and that the everyday life can resume, overcoming this “great storm”.