A single word: LIFE

PETRONE GIUSEPPE – 5B IPSIA IISC Carlo Beretta Gardone Val Trompia

My life during the quarantine period has changed a lot, I don’t go out because the law forbids it and the risk of infection is high, I can’t see my girlfriend and my friends, in short, I miss freedom. I see the world from inside a box and this doesn’t make me understand well what is outside but what I know is that if it isn’t very beautiful from here I imagine what is outside. My day has changed: I wake up later and I go to sleep later, in the morning I take school lessons, then I eat and call Sara my girlfriend, I talk a little with her about how her day went, in the afternoon I do my homework and then at six o’clock I train until half past seven, I take a shower and at eight o’clock I have dinner.  After eating, I call Sara, I see a movie with her and I go to sleep. These are my days all the same, I can say that the thing I miss most in addition to freedom, is to live everyday life with its adventures, difficulties, oddities, moments of pleasure and moments of anger in a single word life. Nevertheless, I can consider myself lucky because I am not infected, I haven’t suffered losses and none of my family members have been sick. I dedicate a thought to all those people who have not been so lucky, I can only wish to go ahead and improve. I hope that all this will finish as soon possible and that we can return to normal.

I’m Giuseppe and this is my quarantine experience …