The virus has spread like wildfire

LORENZO FEBBRARI – 4B IPSIA IISC Carlo Beretta Gardone Val Trompia

It was a day in January when my family and I learned about the first COVID infection in China. At the beginning, like every Italian, we did not worry because the government of China had reassured everyone by saying that they would close ports and airports. Unfortunately, the virus has spread like wildfire, and as soon as this news was heard, half of Italy had already been infected in less than 2 weeks. I was no longer understanding anything: some social networks said it was not there, others said it was all an organized plot and others still planned the zombie apocalypse with an organization that The Walking Dead is nothing in comparison. The TG did not help. He spoke and spoke … COVID here, COVID beyond … but I was sure of one thing: this virus would have changed our lives.

They started to leave us home one by one: first me from school (I don’t deny that I was very happy) and then they started to leave my parents at home from work. Slowly, they started to prevent us from going out. On one hand, it wasn’t a pain to stay home, but as the days, weeks and months passed, I began to miss the outside world. Video calls help, but they’re not like talking to a flesh-and-blood person or hugging your distant relatives.

I try to baste my time, and always have something to do, being that “doing nothing” involves thinking about what I would have done if this virus had not been there. I watch TV series, I play many PC games online with my friends, I play with my relatives in boxed games or on the Wii, I cook cakes with my mother or I start cleaning the house, even if the surfaces now shine so much that I could mirror myself. Maybe I’ll go crazy, although I hope not. I miss carnal contact with people.

Anyway, I hope that the world will quickly pass this very dark moment of 2020 and that this means going back stronger and more prepared than before. Our doctors are super Heroes.