The days are very similar one after the other

FEDERICO SEMENZI – 5B IPSIA IISC Carlo Beretta Gardone Val Trompia

At the beginning of March, our life in Italy has completely changed, when a virus from China arrived here. At the end of February, some Covid-19’s cases have been discovered in the country of Codogno and Vo’ Euganeo near Padova. This virus causes pneumonia and breathing difficulties with high temperature. At first the Italy’s premier Giuseppe Conte decided to close only this two towns to contain the virus, thinking this was going to be enough. But no. Two weeks later Conte decided to close all Italy, its shops and the most part of the industries, except the supermarket for the primary need and the pharmacy for the people who need it. On the 8th March everyone had to stay at home in quarantine to prevent the virus diffusion. In this quarantine the thing missing everyone is the freedom, the freedom to do some sport at open air, the freedom to go outside to visit the relatives or simply the contact with close friend and people. The days are very very similar one after the other and are so long. To pass the day people do every kind of things, from physical exercises to some work for example in the garden or in the internal part of the home. The students do a lot of online lessons not to lose the year, and, this is also a way to pass the morning. Now, almost at the end of April, the coronavirus’s cases in Italy have been a several decreased and on the 3rd of May Italian people are ready to come back to a kind of normal life also if with a lot of limits. First of all, the mask, gloves and the very important social distance. Italian people in this situation, especially in the north, demonstrated to all the planet that are strong people and they there’ll do also this time, the important is to respect the tips and the prescriptions till the end!