Giulia Malavasi, 2CTur Itcs Abba-Ballini Brescia (Italy)

The problem with plans is that they don’t take the unexpected into account. And do you know when I learned it? Now.

I had plans for this summer, for my holidays and for my friends. But I didn’t take the unexpected into account. These days are the unexpected.

I really don’t understand my feelings, maybe you neither, maybe none of us do… especially in this period. I’m sad, I’m bored, I’m angry and I’m grateful.

I go to sleep thinking “tomorrow I’m going to do a lot of interesting and useful things” and when I wake up, I realize that the night has brought everything away with her.

I can’t find the words, so I guess I’ll go out to look at the skyline for a few minutes to think… I’ll be here in five minutes.

Here I am. I haven’t found the words so I’m going to tell you what I saw outside, in my garden: three weeks ago I planted some flowers, tomatoes and aromatic plants because I kept looking out of the window and I only saw banality. And now I see my beautiful and colorful garden! This period helped me to get closer to many things (planting tomatoes is just one of them!). I approached reading, gardening, cooking and household chores (unfortunately).

I often try not to think about those who run against time and I always think that I wish I could help in some way. Yes, even if we seem to stand still, there’s an incredible race against time. So let’s stop complaining from our sofa because it’s not fair.

We just need someone who thinks about plan B and does his best. And do you know who that someone is? Each of us.

13th May 2020