My storys

Leni, 7th grade, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany –

  1. One week ago I forgot my mouthguard after my mother had told me to take it with me. When we had arrived at the supermarket she asked me where my mouthguard was. Fortunately, she had a spare mouthguard in her car.
  2. In the beginning, Emily and I went for a walk with our friend M. and her dogs. It was very funny and her dogs are so cute. We took pictures on a bale of straw. After that we went home and played table tennis. An hour later M.’s mother came and took the dogs with her.
  3. On Easter we were at home. But our grandma, our grandpa and our aunt came to us. We had a barbecue. It was very yummy. There was sausage, grilled cheese, corn on the cob and steak. But I didn’t like the corn on the cob too much.
  4. Sometimes Emily and I are bored. But then we go to the tampoline, play a board game, go for a walk with our dog or play with him. (Or we do a lot of homework!)
  5. Last Tuesday out aunt was here. We played together and we did a lot of workouts. C. (= our aunt) did it really, really well! She could almost do a balance trick. We were very proud of her! We had a lot of fun.