My story(s)

Emily, 7th grade, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany –

  1. In the past few weeks, my family and I were a lot outside when the weather was nice. W played “Wikingerschach” and my sister I were a good team and we won often. It was very funny. We are on the trampoline almost every day and tried to learn new moves.
  2. In the second week, my sister and I drove with our bikes to Bad Bergzabern in a supermarket and bought us some sweets. When we were at the cash register, the cashier askes us if we were twins. I just thought, no, we’re just friends.
  3. Sometimes my sister and I slept in one room. One night we didn’t sleep until four o’clock. We told us jokes and laughed.
  4. From the third week on we started doing workouts. Since then, my sister and I went jogging or walking every day and did workouts. It is sometimes really exhausting but it’s fun and nice to be at the fresh air.
  5. On Mother’s day our aunt and out grandparents came to us. We had lunch and cake together. We played with our dog and did a workout with our aunt. We laughed so much. Leni and I did gymnastics and did some backwards sommersaults on the meadow.