My life during quarantine

Butt Sufian – 3B1 IPSIA IISC Carlo Beretta Gardone Val Trompia

During this period of quarantine my daily routine has changed a lot because at first, I used to wake up at 6o’clock to go to school, but now I wake up at 8o’clock during the normal days because I have online classes and, at the weekend, I wake up late around 11 or 12, but my family doesn’t like it because they think I’m getting lazy!

So once I have woken up the first thing I do is to check my phone while I’m still in bed to see if I got text messages or other notifications meanwhile I was sleeping and trust me there isn’t even one day that I don’t get notifications and after answering to text messages, I get up from the bed and go in the bathroom to make myself fresh, then I go into the kitchen to have breakfast which my mother makes for me and after that, if I have online classes I attend them, if not I study for about two hours everyday to keep myself synchronized with the topics that we are doing in online classes and after I finished studying I do my homework which are pretty quick although there are some that requires a bit of time.

In the afternoon since I can’t go out it’s very important to keep yourself fit even in these circumstances, so I practice my cricket skills in my backyard for about two hours or even 3 sometimes, in order to keep improving my skills so that when this emergency is gone, I’m hopeful to defeat my friends.

After practice, I watch a movie on Netflix and then in the evening I have dinner with my family, after dinner I spend the rest of my time playing games with my friends until I don’t go to sleep and we keep on playing till around midnight and sometimes even past if the things get intense.

For example, I play Ludo which is a table game played most in Pakistan and India, but since we have to keep social distancing in order to keep ourselves and others save, we play it on our phones, and then our favorite game which we play the most is PUBG.

Well this how my daily routine has changed so far during quarantine, but I do get annoyed to be honest it isn’t a fun thing staying home but we have to do it to defeat Covid-19. Thanks for reading and remember to ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS!!!