My day was made of walks

BRUNELLI MICHELE – 4B IPSIA IISC Carlo Beretta Gardone Val Trompia

Since the starting of the quarantine our lives have changed a lot.

We’ve passed from being out every day to staying at home every day for two months,if it goes well.

My day was made of walks and spending time with my friends,but Now,I have to stay at home and pass the time in other way.

Every morning I wake up and I start lesson by telephone and this is a very good thing because not everyone has had the opportunity to do this.

After lessons are finished,I eat with my mother and my girlfriend that has been at home with me since the starting of this quarantine.

Then I  usually proceed by playing  some videogames and  doing my homework. In the evening i prefer whatching  films and go to bed very early so that the next day i would  wake  up early.

The fact  that we are Closed in our houses has became heavier and  by  the time this quarantine passes we all can feel  safer and maybe by the time passing we can all restart our  journey.