It’s difficult to find words for this difficult situation

Piccini Matteo – 4B IPSIA IISC Carlo Beretta Gardone Val Trompia

Because of the virus covid-19, we have almost 2 months of quarantine for us students, and not only. In this quarantine I don’t feel bad, I do online lessons in the morning, then I have time during the day to write something for my lyrics or I’ve time to play. But I’m getting bored, because I always do the same things, but above all I miss seeing my grandson, my sisters, my grandmother and friends. It’s only two months, but I also miss going out on Saturday with friends.

This quarantine has changed our way of life in a short time, closing us in the house, letting us go out only if necessary and only with a mask. But there are still people who don’t care about other people, and they go out without following the rules, and in doing so we will not go out soon and these people do not think that there is someone who is dying, and that it could happen to them too, or they could spread the virus more. Hospitals are in trouble, we don’t have to go out, except for work or shopping, and all people have to understand that.

It’s difficult to find words for this difficult situation, to talk well about this pandemic I should be a doctor, who lives these facts, because I’m living this quarantine at home, watching the news and not like the doctors.