In danger

POLI ANDREA – 1G LICEO IIS Carlo Beretta Gardone Val Trompia

In my opinion this situation is very difficult for many people, because there is fear and worry for older relatives, but also for others because this virus is dangerous and the infections are increasing rapidly. My routine in this period has completely changed because before I went to school from Monday to Saturday, while now I stay at home and do lessons online, before I went out with my friends in the afternoons but now I can’t.

In these days I reflected on the importance of friends and relatives, moreover I miss my schoolmates, my cousins and my grandparents.

This pandemic is causing many serious problems, for example economics problems in families that can not manage to buy food at supermarket or another example are people who are subjected to domestic violence that with this quarantine are more in danger than before, there are other problems but I don’t list all.

This quarantine has got some positive aspects for example we can learn something new, we can spend some time with our families.

So, this quarantine has got its positive sides and negative sides but the important thing is to follow the rules and enjoy every moment.