How life will be in 2021

Moni, 16 years, Germany

The year 2020 destroyed almost everything. I had alternated classes at school and at home in May. But for the next few weeks I had only had lessons from home. In mid-2020 it was no longer allowed to go out because the virus spread quickly. All shops had to close because it is a place where a lot of people gather. If you want to buy food, you have to order everything online. The virus had not spread so much in Germany, but there were many fatalities in poorer countries because people live there very closely. My life has changed a lot through the Corona. I only do sports in the garden because all the sports fields have closed. In October 2020, a vaccine against the corona was produced. Most of them are now protected against the virus. You can get out, but you should still avoid contact. All shops are already open and you can actually do almost anything you want. There is still a requirement for masks and gloves. And you have to follow the hygiene measures. The virus is in poorer countries because the people who live there have no money to buy these medicament. The poorer and industrialized countries are doing poorly economically because they cannot export their products. Many suffered from famine as a result of this. In addition, many industries went bankrupt. Game makers made a lot of profits because many people were at home. Multiplayer games sold the most because you could play with friends in this mode.