How life will be in 2021

Lukas, 16 years, Germany


Last year was a big crisis. First they all called it Coronavirus. After a few times the people called it Covid-19. I dont really know how they came on that name. The crisis was only bad for older people but also for people with a weak Immune system. Children and adult also could die from Covid-19, but it almost never happend. The humanity was very frightened by the virus. They closes a lot of places like gyms, cinemas or restaurants. You were not allowed to meet with your friends. But some people did meet anyways. There were punishments for people who were seen from the police with more than one other person. When you went shopping you had to wear a mouthguard. When there where to many people in the shop, you had to wait. The school was closed too. You had to do exercises from home.The problem was that there were a lot of tasks and the site where you had to upload the exercises was often overloaded. Nowadays you can enter places with strict rules. When the shop is smaller than 300 square kilometers the shop is allowed to let only 15 people in. In addition, there is an desinfactant donor at each entrance. In front of the shop is a person who looks that there are not to many people in the store. In the cinemas, each hall has a different entrance. If you want to buy something before the film, you need to be two meters away from the person in front of you. In the gyms you are forced to wear gloves. Under the weak you have to go in school 3 days and the other 2 you have to do Home Office. When you are in you class you have to have 2 meters between you and your neighbour. The virus still exists, but it’s not as bad as last year. In a month, there may be one or two infected. In the meantime, a remedy for corona has also been found.

this year also all the larger festivals take place as for example the October fest or even smaller festivals in the villages. However, you should still be a little cautious, as the virus is now worse for teenagers.