How life will be in 2021

Meanwhile it’s 2021 and they got a vaccine for the Coronavirus.
We could almost have no cases now, but because there are opponents of vaccination, there are always new cases.

I think the Coronavirus crisis has shown us how important it is to hold together. We could beat this situation because everybody could do the time without something.

I didn’t play football and haven’t done athletics during this time. So I made sports at my own. Of course it was hard to do nothing with your friends but at least we could game online together.

We were all sad because we couldn’t go to the swimming pool during the summer breaks.

After the summer break we could start playing football again and it was really fun to do this after a real long time.

This situation also showed everybody how incompetent Donald Trump is. Even his followers, because of some statements he said. I am glad the USA has a better president now.

I think the economy needs a long time to be how it was before the Coronavirus. The gas prices are still ridiculously low and a lot of small shops had to close.

A lot of people couldn’t go on vacation during the Coronavirus crisis. So now everywhere you go there are so many tourists because they all want to go now. And nice news: the airport BER is finally open.

I think the Coronavirus changed a lot of lives forever because a lot of people are keeping more distance now and some people wear masks all the day.