How life will be in 2021

Manusha, 16 years, Germany

A lot has changed in 2021. There is no vaccine yet, but there might be one soon. There are

still a lot of people working at the moment and I’m going to school again. School is currently

running every second week and you can also get assignments digitally. Few people go back

to work. The others work at home. Not only in Germany also in other countries.

Many have tried to rebuild their normal everyday life and they have succeeded.

Mouthguards should also be worn and the hands have to be disinfected. You should keep a

distance of 1.5 meters. The situation has improved, but not yet completely. Events and any

celebrations should continue to be avoided. The economy has declined, because lots of

people stopped to work. The death rate from corona is decreasing, but it is still there.

Unfortunately there is no vaccine yet and I hope it will be discovered soon. We don’t just

need the vaccine. Only if we continue to follow the restrictions, we can defeat

the corona pandemic. The problem here again is that most people take the opportunity to

wear no mouthguards and no longer disinfect their hands. Even if the situation has

improved, many people don’t take the situation serious. The situation has improved,

but scientists also suspect that the previous “bad” situation can come back or more people

can die again, so we have to take the situation serious.