How life will be in 2021

Leo, 16 years, Germany

It’s January 2021. The Covid-19 virus pandemic is over since 6 months.

It started in China Wuhan. At beginning nobody took it that serious, but the virus showed us otherwise.

The lockdown in Germany started at the beginning of March 2020. We weren’t allowed to go outside, meet friends or other family members. We also weren’t allowed to do teamsports or go to the gym.

In May 2020 they started to open schools again. But not completly. You ghad to wear a mouth protection to protect others.

The pandemic was already flattening out, but opening the stores brought a bigger wave back to us. Since we didn’t have a vaccine, the government decided to take a path to mass immunity. This meant that vulnerable people, such as the elderly and asthmatics, should stay at home while the majority should become infected with the virus and thus become immune to it. It was no longer possible to wait because the economy had been hit hard. Due to the fact that nobody was allowed to work and productions were shut down, many small business owners had to close their shops. There was more suicide from depression and an increase in domestic violence was seen during the lockdown. After the lockdown ended, normality slowly returned. Scientists are still working on a vaccine. Covid-19 is a mutant virus, so it is difficult to develop a vaccine because it is constantly changing. No vaccination was introduced in Germany because one wants to avoid a case like the swine flu vaccination and first wants to thoroughly test vaccines.
Life for me as a student was not extremely bad. We have been given tasks over the Internet. Strangely enough, we were given more tasks than we would otherwise have worked on in class. My life was limited only in terms of social contacts and sports. But via platforms like Discord, we were able to make phone calls in large groups and meet new people. I met a lot of new great people through a server. We are now on the phone every day and I could even meet a few after the lockdown. All in all, the pandemic wasn’t that bad for me personally. It was different for the group at risk. Mass immunity killed several thousand people.
I hope that if we have a new virus, we will do better and not panic. We need well-considered steps and not Facebook mums who are heaping toilet paper out of panic. If the government had acted earlier and had relied more on expert opinions, we could have prevented a lot.