Hard Times

Sara Ajdari, 2CTur Itcs Abba-Ballini Brescia (Italy)

The past five months have been very hard time for the world and people have had to overcome these difficulties firsthead. Covid-19 didn’t just enter in our lives but it also has ended a big part of them.. We’re now still challenging with it. It came during a time when nobody was expecting it and upset our daily routine like taking the bus every morning to go to school  or just seeing our relatives and friends. We didn’t really know what to do at first because it caught us unprepared. Then, the situation got worse during March and April when people started to think about how dangerous it would have been just to go out of their houses. Hospitals were full of victims and doctors proved their work and courage to the patients .

I can’t believe how much pressure and panic was there. There are some countries where the numbers of infected and deaths are huge, like in the USA. On the other hand , in some Nations life is continuing to flow now, like in Korea.In Italy we have been in a quarantine for two months now, but there are less restrictions at the moment. For example, we can go outside to do sport activities by ourselves or we can see our grandparents and cousins. Of course we have to wear protections .

Online school has become part of our week and it’s the only way we have not to lose our school program and a study improvement.

Home activities are quite the same each day. A good thing that the time spent at home has given me is the continuous search of new hobbies to do in order not to get bored, like bakery. I also do lots of sport and physical exercises because it helps me to vent. Most of the time my mind is focused on negative thoughts and questions about how our future is gonna be like, or how life will be like in one month, will it be better or worse?

Especially when I think of my friends I feel lonely.

All in all, I’m sure that I’m living this bad period in a good way because unfortunately there are people with very bad conditions of life and I feel sorry for them. I’m lucky I have my space and beautiful places to go for a walk and stop thinking for a second and be happy despite the pandemic. The only thing that has never gone away is hope.

8th May 2020